Thursday, November 18, 2010

Logos & Typography

It's incredible how important font choice can be. How the slightest nuances in a font can make or break a design, how a font can develop into a brand and vice versa. The above logos are all great examples of how an identity can really tie into a font. Whether it's script, sans serif, thin or thick, fonts can come to represent a company and their products in a way that really sticks in our mind. The fact that a font can stand on it's own, free of logo and still be recognizable to a brand is quite a feat.

Take the Coca Cola font for example- it has managed to not only become the Coca Cola image, but can be recognized by most viewers with only a fraction of the logo. Simply by choosing the right font they have been able to reach a worldwide audience, and not just reach them, but be remembered. This is something every company wants, and one of the many reasons that font choice is essential to making or breaking a brand identity. In a world where we are constantly viewing graphic design and logos, it's now more important than ever to really grasp the feel of a company through type.

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