Friday, November 12, 2010

David La Chapelle

David La Chapelle

David La Chapelle is one of my favorite photographers. And if you know me and my intense love of color/pop culture, you can probably guess why just from the above image. But if you look back through the past two and a half decades of his work, it's both amazing and inspiring how much he has actually produced. From working with celebrities from Madonna to Elton John, his music videos and multiple major ad campaigns, he has definitely been a busy guy.

Some might call his work provocative or grotesque, but it almost always carries a message. His photographs have a huge amount of symbolic and even literal imagery, often revolving around problems the modern world faces. Since moving from magazine photography to his own personal work he has been freed to tackle even more complex and sometimes unfavorable subjects. His ability to blend popular celebrities with his subject matter has brought him the fame he deserves, but his eye for composition, color and creative flair have made him the amazing designer he is today.

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