Thursday, December 2, 2010

Polymer Food Sculptures



As you can probably tell, I love to cook. And I also have another love, sculpture. Put those two things together and you can go one of two ways-giant towering cakes, or the other end of the spectrum: miniature food sculptures- not quite edible but still delicious. After having made some myself, I can very safely say I'd rather work 12 hour shifts in a bakery than deal with just one miniature pastry. And yet I keep making more, wonder why that is? Anyways, the above examples were so cute I felt I had to share them with someone.

The clay I use when I make these is called Cernit polymer clay- slightly toxic and definitely something you need to follow all the instructions with. But it does really come out wonderfully once you bake it properly- and with a quick dusting of gloss spray you can have a professional looking item of your choice. They make really great gifts!

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