Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robots & Donuts

Eric Joyner

I must admit, Eric Joyner's one of my favorite painters. His unusual pairing of robots and donuts are sometimes cute, sometimes humorous, sometime apocalyptic-but always well done. His display of famous locations, bright color and the subtle reference to pop culture are all just an added bonus. All in all, the subjects of his painting are the perfect recipe for yet another obsession of mine. A decade of traveling robots in various adventures is displayed on his website, as well as what seems like an obsessive sweet tooth. That's fine with me, it just inspires me to make more miniature food sculptures. Perhaps my next blog should feature some of them?

I like that he includes a lot of his original studies alongside his finalized works, it's nice to see differences between the idea and the paintings themselves. Reminds me that I should start documenting my sketches before a painting; often the original concept changes drastically for me as I work.

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